Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Angel Lane Gateway

Here are some pictures of the ceramics created by Kay Aplin that are situated on the walls at the Angel Lane Entrance.

This entrance is situated behind the Capel Hotel in Bargoed.

Angel Lane Entrance

Here are some more photographs of Kay's beautiful ceramics.

Bargoed Railway Station Entrance

These stone sculptures also by Graham Mitcheson are situated at the entrance opposite the Bargoed Railway Station and depict the coming of the railway to the valley.
These are at present in safe keeping whilst the new relief road is under construction and hopefully will be replaced when the work is completed

Ambulance Station Entrance, Bedwellty Road.

These are pictures of the Stone Sculptures created by
Graham Mitcheson of Castle Donninton
These large scluptures that can be used as seats, have carvings of the creatures found living in the park
Graham also did a number of stone blocks that are placed in the walls surounding the park which also depict various things associated with the park

Travelers Rest Entrance/ Bedwellty Road Aberbargoed

Here is a picture taken from within the park looking out at the Totem Poles created by the Wood Sculptor

Robert Koenig of Brighton

These poles are at the entrance to the park that is situated on Bedwellty Road opposite the former Travellers Rest public house.

On the top of the poles are carvings that represent various things that happened in or near the park.

On one are carvings of the trains that travelled down the old Aberbargoed line to Newport and on the other you can see boxing gloves to depict the former boxing club

Gate Ways to Bargoed Country Park

There are 11 main Gate Ways into the park in 2002 four artists were commissioned to work with the community to create a lasting monument for generations to enjoy.
The Lead Artist was J Kay Aplin of London an expert in ceramic.
Kay produced the inlaid ceramic art work at the Chapel Street/School Street entrance in Aberbargoed.
The ceramics show human and animal footprints, past industry and now that the area has been regenerated the type of wildlife that once lived in the area before industry came and is now making a welcomed return.
The vibrant colours of the tiles are beautiful and small children love to follow the footprints, going around the circles until they reach the end.

Below is the circle with a Heron, fish & butterfly

Here are the leaves, flowers and seeds

and this one is of the railway and colliery head gear

Bargoed, a landscape in waiting

Extracts taken form the forward of the Bargoed Town Council's book
Bargoed - A Landscape in Waiting.

The reclamation of the sites of the former Bargoed, Britannia and Gilfach collieries has taken place over the last few years to create a landform for the Bargoed by-pass, adevelopment plateau and our country park. The work was funded by the Welsh Development Agency.
In 2002, Bargoed Town Council, working in partnership with Caerphilly County Borough Council, was successful in obtaining a large grant of £289,000 from Cydcoed - Woods for All, the Forestry Commission Wales programme that promotes Welsh forestry for community development.
The Cycoed grant helped finance the upgrading of footpaths to make the park more accessible for the less able, the planting of 11,000 trees and 22,000 wild flower plugs and bulbs and the enhancement of 11 of the key gateways into the country park.

This book "Bargoed - A Landscape in Waiting" is a photographic record of the project has it developed and is full of beautiful photographs and poetry. A copy can be obtained from Bargoed Town Council contact The Town Clerk, Mr John Dilworth at for further information

Spring & Summer in the Park

Here you can see the Cardiff to Rhymney train, just before it arrives at Bargoed Railway station that is just out of view to the right of the picture

Spring & Summer in Bargoed Woodland Park

It has taken a number of years for the Park to "green up" so to speak.
Don't forget that it is based on colliery waste.
Spring and Summer Time in the Park is beautiful
Everything comes to life.
I haven't any photos of the foxes, otters, rabbits and various other wild life that abounds in the park but it is there if you just sit quietly and open your eyes.

Thirty years ago the mine was still in full production.

Now there's not a trace of it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Seeing Double

I seem to have put some of the Woodland Park photos on twice.
Will cataogue them better for future blogs

Autumn Colours in Bargoed Woodland Park

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.

I know some people think of it as a dying season. I prefer to think of it as taking a well deserved rest after all the work of the summer.
Here are some lovely colours.

My Favourite Tree in the Park

This is my favourite tree in the park
It stands at the top of the hill and look majestic in any season