Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bargoed High Street

Bargoed High Street on a cold wintry evening, early 1970s.

It's 10 past 5 and the shops are still open.

The Emporium! where you could get anything you needed, Boots chemist only recently closed and the Crown wallpaper shop.


At 5:37 pm, Blogger Traven said...

Do you remember Bateman's supermarket next to the old Midland Bank? My father (Abergavenny man) used to work there. It was like the sole piece of fairly modern development in the high street back in the 1960s. Burtons on the corner there. Bought my first wedding suit there.

There used to be a really neat record store with a very friendly owner near the Conti restaurant in Hanbury Square. I remember buying stuff like (the original) Fleetwood Mac singles in there, because the owner was the right age to be interested in what they used to label as progressive rock. Can't remember his name, but his father used to run a radio shop.

There was a really friendly butcher's shop on the right hand side of the road where that picture was taken. His name will probably come back to me one day soon. he used to carve lovespoons. I can remember him telling my father that he had been to a Labor party meeting in Blackwood where Neil Kinnock had made his debate as the candidate for the next election.

I went to Bargod North and Bargod Grammar Technical for a while.Anyone remember the infamous Keri Edwards as headmaster? You could write an entire book abot that man and his staff. Most of their names are totally engraved in my brain.

At 11:15 am, Blogger Traven said...

Alderman Kedward was the name of the butcher.

At 12:56 am, Blogger daz said...

Attended Heolddu comprehensive in the 80's Keri Edwards was famous for his discipline, his wife was one of my primary school teachers in Gilfach she was a lovely lady and a great teacher.


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