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Checking the clock in the yard

Off to the baths


At 12:47 pm, Blogger Traven said...

When were these pictures taken? I had a tour of the topside buildings - including the winding room - in about 1968/1969 with one of the mine electricians. They told me that it cost 5 Pounds worth of electirc to bring a fully-laden cage up from the pit bottom. These pictures look like just as I remember it. The thing that struck me most about Bargoed in thos days was the enormous old tip, and the equally enormous tip complex on the montain above Aberbargoed with the aerial bucketway and conveyors taking the spoil up to the tip. When I was last there in the 80's, some of the colliery buildings were still in existence, but the Aberbargoed tip had gone someplace. Where did they put it all?

I was told that when then built Llanwern Steelworks, just about every truck in the region was pressed into service to carry colliery waste as infill on the marshy land. If the old & more decrepid trucks broke down on site they were just bulldozed in to save time and money. Urban myth perhaps!?

At 4:53 pm, Blogger Angel Way said...

Hi Traven
The pictures were taken in the early 1970s, so not long after you visited.
The Aberbargoed "New" tip is still here just moved about a bit or as they call it reclaimed.If you look in the archives Jan 07 it's in the 4th picture and also the last 2 in Feb 07. As for the original tip a lot has been used in the reclamation of the colliery site and more is being used now for the various projects related to the new road, bus station and store/cinema complex in Bargoed.
Thanks for your comments.


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