Monday, April 02, 2007

The Unique Concrete Bridge

Here is a very interesting photo it is of the concrete bridge that gave access from the top rail yard to the bottom yards one side of the colliery to the other across the Rhymney River. I am informed that it is one of the earliest concrete span bridges and was constructed by a German firm. I am still waiting for a date of construction and more information on this

The river was used to wash the coal that came up the shafts and was itself like black slurry after it was used.

When we were kids we were forbidden to go down to the river. Nothing lived in it only rats. As kids do we would go to play down the "Rhym" but was always found out by the black tide marks around our legs from wading in the river.

One story which I can not confirm mind you! Is that one enterprising fellow use to fish by tickling trout. On his way home from working nights at the colliery he thought he saw something move in the river so he got down on his stomach to tickle it out. When he made a grab for it and threw it onto the bank it was the biggest fattest rat he had ever seen

He never tried to fish in the Rhym again.


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