Saturday, February 24, 2007

Colliery Shafts

Each of the three shafts had to be filled and capped.

Many tons of fill was dropped into the shafts.

Every time it settled another load was dropped in.

Eventually all the shafts were filled and then capped with concrete

These are pictures of the shafts after they were capped

Here is the

"North Shaft"

The pipe in the middle is a release for any gas that may occur.

All the shafts have these pipes and they can be located on the site under manhole covers.

Below is the

"Brithdir Shaft" or as we all knew it the "House Coal"

When they dug out the surrounding area around the shaft flooding occurred and took many weeks to pump clear. This underground water now has a direct route into the river Rhymney as does that from the North Shaft and if you look closely in the river you can see the iron stone and litchen stains where these shafts are still disgorging water into the river.

Photos taken in March 2007 to show the water outlet mentioned above.

The river is low due to the recent dry weather

Here is the

"South Shaft"

Another view of the "North Shaft"


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